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It’s a easy-Tabed Wizard that supports Wizard 97 and Wizard Aero look.It has cancelable Events for all buttons (Like NextClicked).automatically change “Next” to “Finish”.

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It support Taskbar Icon,too:

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All service elements (including wizard and page titles, header images, navigation buttons) are created and aligned automatically with any Font or Text.It supports Language customization.Navigate methods generated automatical.It support customization for all controls like Buttons,Panels and ….

As you already know, wizards are a ubiquitous feature of most Windows applications. Whether designed to break-down complex data entry forms or to provide step-by-step guidance for the end-user, wizards have become an indispensible UI solution for software developers.

Though common and essential to modern Windows Forms solutions, Visual Studio itself does not provide a straightforward way in which to create application wizards. When you need introduce a wizard into your app, Visual Studio forces you to construct the basic layout, implement logic for navigation buttons, and create/manage multiple frames with different control sets within them.

With the Fix soft Aero Wizard, you no longer have to deal with mundane and time-consuming issues such as those described above. Simply said, you drop the control and instantly turn your form into a multi-page wizard.

With the soft Aero Wizard,, you can design dialogs that conform to either the Wizard 97 or Wizard Aero standard…creating standard based UIs has never been easier.
By using Fix soft Hyper Aero Form StartAnimation/End Animation effects, you can easily enhance your wizard during Wizard opened.

It used Fix soft Aero ToolTip that provide an complete Aero Glass ToolTip with FadeIn/FadeOut and an image with any size.

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How to use it:

Download it now,And build “Test Of Aero Wizard”.Run it and enjoy!


Download with example

Download only DLL



This Form support Windows Aero very well:


1- AeroBackground: Change Background of Form to Aero Glass (Make a complete Aero Glass Form)!

2- CurrentAeroColor: Get or sets current Aero Color of Windows Aero.

3- AeroGlassEnabled: Gets or sets Aero Glass (No Aero) enabled.

4- AeroEnabled: Gets or sets Windows Aero enabled (If it doesn’t possible,It doesn’t make any change)

5- GlowValue: Gets or sets Value of OutGlow of Labels.

6- AutoChangeAero: If it be True,When Aero changed it Automatical change Form to best mode.

7- AutoShowLabels: If it be True,Automatical change all Labels in the Form to AeroGlowLabel (You can do that manualy with ShowLabel method.).


1- DrawTextGlow: Draw a AeroGlowLabel.

2- ShowLabel: Convert exitsing Label to AeroGlowLabel.


1- AeroEffectEnbled: Occurs when Windows Aero Enabled.

2- AeroEffectDisabled: Occurs when Windows Aero disabled.

3- AeroColorChanged: Occurs when current Aero Color changed.

It support Visual Backgrounds:

1- Gradients (Can set Triangle Blend with custom value,support Turning Animation,Gradient Angel,Gradient Mode,BlendValue,First Gradient color and Second Gradient color)

2- Images

3- Solid colors

It support Startup Sound.And it has Four Default Sound:

1- Information

2- Error


4- Question

You can customize Startup sound by a Stream Sound or Path of sound.

It support Start and End Animation:

1- Fade

2- Slide

3- ShortSlideFade

4- LongSlideFade

All Animations in it have two property (Min):

1- SpeedOf<AnimationName>1

2- SpeedOf<AnimationName>2

It also support Startup Location:

1-None (Don’t change location)

2- Left of screen

3- Center of screen

4- Right of screen

It’s support Null Icon (An Transparent Icon)!

It support some special properties and Events and Functions:

1- CloseBox: Disable or Enable Close Button.

2- StartupActivation (In Normal Forms it’s ReadOnly): Disable or Enable Active Form when it showing.

3- RealClosing:Replace Formclosing Event with this Event (It ocurrs when End Animation finish.).

4- RealIcon: Replace Icon property with  RealIcon.

5- RealTop: Gets or sets Top of Form after animation finish.

6- RealOpacity: Gets or sets Opacity of Form after Fade Animation finish.

7- BeforeFadeOpacity: Gets or sets Opacity of Form before Fade Animation start.

8- SelectControl: Return a Control by its Name.Definition: (ByVal Name As String) As Object

9- SelectControlInArray: Return a Control by its Name in a Control.ControlCollection.Definition: (ByRef Array As Control.ControlCollection , ByVal Name As String) As Object

10- Create Array: Create an Array of T.Definition: Shared Function CreateArray (Of T) (ByVal ParamArray Array as T()) as T()

11- UserName: Gets current user name.

It has complete collection of power tools:

A. Power operating with Timer (Gets Wait param and after wait do operating)

1- ShutDown

2- Restart

3- Cancel All Power operating

B. Power operating without Timer

1- Hibernate

2- Log off

3- Stand by (Sleep)

4- Lock

C. Power properties

1- Battery Life Percent

2- Power Line status

3- Battery Charge Mode

UseHyperAero Class:

UseHyperAero  is a MustInherits Class.It add All Customizable Properties of Fix soft HyperAero Form to your class!

The Form is stored on Protected Overridable Property FrmHyperGraphic.

How to use:

A. New Form

1- Click New Item…

2- Select Inherited Form (In Windows Forms category)

3- Click Add.

4- Click Browse.

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5- Select "Fix soft HyperAero.DLL"

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6- Click OK.

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B. Upgrade Exitsing Form.

1- Go to Desinger Code.

<Global.Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.DesignerGenerated()> _
Partial Class TestForm
    Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form

2- Change “Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form” to “Inherits FixSoft.Fixed.Forms.HyperAero”

<Global.Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.DesignerGenerated()> _
Partial Class TestForm
    Inherits FixSoft.Fixed.Forms.HyperAero


Download now

Download Only DLL