Hello anyone. This is my blog. I have decided to write this to inform you about it. In short, it’s dead [for now].

I created this years ago to use it as a home for my .Net projects. It really doesn’t serve any purpose now, because I found Codeplex a better home, and because (unfortunately) I don’t program much nowadays.

And I’m sorry for my English, both its current state, and the much more pitiful state of it years ago. But as you may concede, our language here is code, and code does not fail.

If anyone is interested in “HyperAero Form” for WPF, I will bother to upload it, since I am starting to pity the poor code, waiting silently in a folder and getting older and older.

I’m thinking of changing my brand’s name from “Fix soft” to “Thrysa”. What is your much wanted opinion?

It was a pleasure writing here after years. I will come back, I promise, but it takes time. Go read “The Black Swan” in the meanwhile, which will change you, like most other things, but in weird ways…