This Form support Windows Aero very well:


1- AeroBackground: Change Background of Form to Aero Glass (Make a complete Aero Glass Form)!

2- CurrentAeroColor: Get or sets current Aero Color of Windows Aero.

3- AeroGlassEnabled: Gets or sets Aero Glass (No Aero) enabled.

4- AeroEnabled: Gets or sets Windows Aero enabled (If it doesn’t possible,It doesn’t make any change)

5- GlowValue: Gets or sets Value of OutGlow of Labels.

6- AutoChangeAero: If it be True,When Aero changed it Automatical change Form to best mode.

7- AutoShowLabels: If it be True,Automatical change all Labels in the Form to AeroGlowLabel (You can do that manualy with ShowLabel method.).


1- DrawTextGlow: Draw a AeroGlowLabel.

2- ShowLabel: Convert exitsing Label to AeroGlowLabel.


1- AeroEffectEnbled: Occurs when Windows Aero Enabled.

2- AeroEffectDisabled: Occurs when Windows Aero disabled.

3- AeroColorChanged: Occurs when current Aero Color changed.

It support Visual Backgrounds:

1- Gradients (Can set Triangle Blend with custom value,support Turning Animation,Gradient Angel,Gradient Mode,BlendValue,First Gradient color and Second Gradient color)

2- Images

3- Solid colors

It support Startup Sound.And it has Four Default Sound:

1- Information

2- Error


4- Question

You can customize Startup sound by a Stream Sound or Path of sound.

It support Start and End Animation:

1- Fade

2- Slide

3- ShortSlideFade

4- LongSlideFade

All Animations in it have two property (Min):

1- SpeedOf<AnimationName>1

2- SpeedOf<AnimationName>2

It also support Startup Location:

1-None (Don’t change location)

2- Left of screen

3- Center of screen

4- Right of screen

It’s support Null Icon (An Transparent Icon)!

It support some special properties and Events and Functions:

1- CloseBox: Disable or Enable Close Button.

2- StartupActivation (In Normal Forms it’s ReadOnly): Disable or Enable Active Form when it showing.

3- RealClosing:Replace Formclosing Event with this Event (It ocurrs when End Animation finish.).

4- RealIcon: Replace Icon property with  RealIcon.

5- RealTop: Gets or sets Top of Form after animation finish.

6- RealOpacity: Gets or sets Opacity of Form after Fade Animation finish.

7- BeforeFadeOpacity: Gets or sets Opacity of Form before Fade Animation start.

8- SelectControl: Return a Control by its Name.Definition: (ByVal Name As String) As Object

9- SelectControlInArray: Return a Control by its Name in a Control.ControlCollection.Definition: (ByRef Array As Control.ControlCollection , ByVal Name As String) As Object

10- Create Array: Create an Array of T.Definition: Shared Function CreateArray (Of T) (ByVal ParamArray Array as T()) as T()

11- UserName: Gets current user name.

It has complete collection of power tools:

A. Power operating with Timer (Gets Wait param and after wait do operating)

1- ShutDown

2- Restart

3- Cancel All Power operating

B. Power operating without Timer

1- Hibernate

2- Log off

3- Stand by (Sleep)

4- Lock

C. Power properties

1- Battery Life Percent

2- Power Line status

3- Battery Charge Mode

UseHyperAero Class:

UseHyperAero  is a MustInherits Class.It add All Customizable Properties of Fix soft HyperAero Form to your class!

The Form is stored on Protected Overridable Property FrmHyperGraphic.

How to use:

A. New Form

1- Click New Item…

2- Select Inherited Form (In Windows Forms category)

3- Click Add.

4- Click Browse.

09-06-2010 07-54-06 ق

5- Select "Fix soft HyperAero.DLL"

09-13-2010 07-03-22 ب

6- Click OK.

09-13-2010 07-03-59 ب

B. Upgrade Exitsing Form.

1- Go to Desinger Code.

<Global.Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.DesignerGenerated()> _
Partial Class TestForm
    Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form

2- Change “Inherits System.Windows.Forms.Form” to “Inherits FixSoft.Fixed.Forms.HyperAero”

<Global.Microsoft.VisualBasic.CompilerServices.DesignerGenerated()> _
Partial Class TestForm
    Inherits FixSoft.Fixed.Forms.HyperAero


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